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It is with amazing gratitude and joy that we bring live performances of our new album “In The Land Of Giants” to our European friends this Winter 2014. Thanks are due to our label Lucky Number Music for giving us access to this incredible opportunity and to our fans abroad, some of whom…

normal mysteries

I’ve been having amazing/crazy dreams lately, it might be because I have a different body growing inside of me, influencing me as I influence it.

Last night I dreamt of a normal man who had had a normal life with a wife and a house.

He died and before he did die, he buried some of his short stories and some of his compositions for piano. Darwin, Vin and I found the box , buried in the ground.

We opened it and played the man’s songs on the piano and read the man’s stories.

We found his wife’s number at the end of the short stories and called her.

She was disinterested in our thrill and, pacing on the beige carpet in her living room, she said

" He was the least favorite of my lovers." 

: TOO MUCH DARK , and all of its history <3



Too Much Dark was the first song I wrote for the new Caged Animals record, In The Land Of Giants. It’s a song that came to me at a vulnerable moment and helped me find my way to a stronger place.
I had just finished writing The Witching Hour, a record I made with…

Squeeze The Fire Fly

In shrubbery hid a fire fly

His nature was to show

but his mind wanted to hide 

Hide all away from 

Hide all away 

Hide all away from the dark and the crows

The light of his body shined bright through the leaves

a twisted hand came in from the dark

and as a bully would shatter any pride 

it squeezed the fire right out of the fly.

 And his light it was lost, nothing was left of the show

but mangled regrets lying quiet down below


Colorful air filtering through the nostrils of the jungle

Voyage of a thousand eyes migrating together in a rainbow of positive recognition

Yes you are beautiful, 

I recognize all of your innards and your surface as a work of God

the unlimited supplier

of air breathing through and through

in the jungle of your body 



A stolen car peels out of a suburban driveway.  Flowers are blooming, there’s sap oozing out of the trees, and spring is in the air.  You’re a teenager and you just made it off with the girl, the car, and a suitcase full of money.  You’re on top of the world.

“Cindy + Me” is my attempt at living this adolescent dream.  It’s an outlaw love song, based around a sample I took from synthesizer-pioneer Raymond Scott’s “Cindy Electronium.”  

In the song, I’m a crazed teenager in love, running away from home with the girl and some twisted view of the future.  We’ve got her father tied up in the house, a smoldering corpse, we’ve got the cash, “We’re living on top of the world,” and we’re going to get away with it.  

The words almost wrote themselves.  I guess I’d been carrying them with me all along.  The music was equally intuitive.  I cut out the pieces I loved from Raymond’s original and slowed it down to hip-hop tempo.  The result was so inspiring that I had the rest of the track within a couple of hours. 

Shouts out to Stereogum for the premiere.

Lets runaway together ???!!!!!

Ursula Kearns

I can’t see from here all the grateful futures

I can’t see all the worried pasts

I can’t feel the breath of others

choosing to walk on past.

Don’t worry old lady, I’ll find you for you

I am of your kind under this astral roof,

Our paths are together, tied by Parker street

where I found you, young soul, of a baby really

trusting the next step was the right.